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On a summer morning in Michigan, JD was born into a loving family obsessed with movies, music, and square dancing. Early exposure by his parents to films such as Repo Man, Lord of the Flies, and Brother From Another Planet ensured an obsession with all things cinema. Convinced he would be the next great writer/director of his generation, he began making lego animations, and campaign videos for school elections. One day, after accidentally renting the Making Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles II: Secret of the Ooze, he discovered editing. Eventually, desires to be a writer/director began to slowly fade. Once in college, he began boldly declaring himself an editor, craving as much footage as possible. In most cases, it was the desire to have footage to cut which fueled his small productions. After cold-calls, a few references, and a lot of luck, he found himself in Hollywood, CA, where he now lives with his fianceé, and works as an assistant editor.

Give me your underexposed, your poorly framed.

Your masses of footage yearning to be cut.

The wretched refuse of your flip-cam.

Send these, the scenes, and transitions to me. 

I lift my Wacom pen above the grey tablet!